Skin Diving History


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1956 SEAMLESS FULL SUIT No more seams No more glue No more patchwork! for years makeshift patchwork suits of rubber hospital sheeting and tire patching have been the sole means a skin diver's cold protection DON'T GO GLUED TOGETHER "GO SPEARFISHERMAN!" The revolutionary machine method of moulding, forms the rubber into perfectly shaped and seamless suit. 100% waterproof! 800% stretchable! Easy to get into! Outlasts 2 ordinary suits! EXTRA LOW 1956' PRICES FULL SUIT $39.95 Small- Medium - Large. (Full length legs with feet, full length arms.) SHORTIE $19.95 Small, Regular & Large. (Thigh seal short legs, biceps seal short arms.) DOZENS OF BLEMiSHED AND SLIGHTLY IMPERFECTS AT EVEN LOWER COSTS NOTE: Insist on the genuine Spearfisherman Suit - if your dealer cannot supply you, order factory direct. Send for FREE catalog Spearfisherman 7521 Clay Street Huntington Beach, California
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