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1956 DUCK FEET RUBBER and FINS SEE IF THEY FLOAT: The cheapening fillers, such as clay, talc, tars and reclaims, are generally heavier than water. SMELL: Natural rubber smells like smoke. If no smoke smell, it is probably synthetic and has poor wear and tear resistance. (Don't be fooled by transparency - synthetic can be transparent.) BOUNCE AGAINST SOMETHING SOLID: The more vibrance, the more rubber. STRETCH THE HEEL STRAP: Even poor fins should stand a two to one stretch. VISIT THE U.D.T. :rEAMS: Eighty per cent use "DUCKS". CONSIDER THIS: The most widely distributed fins carry the freight of the most middle men. The cost of too much "sales Steam" in distribution is robbed from the cost of raw materials. A heavily "pushed" line of fins, sold in a fancy four-color litho box costing you $13.95, can have as little as 41 c worth of raw material in them. DUCK FEET fins are guaranteed to be pure, natural rubber. THEY FLOAT: The ribs are stiffened with the smallest possible amount of pure styrene. The heel straps are guaranteed to stand at least a four to one stretch. GREEN DUCK FEET contain less than 1 % green dye and background white. DUCK FEET are sold to dealers and jobbers direct. Your dealer can easily get DUCK FEET for you but quick. DEMAND THE GENUINE ORIGINAL DUCK FEET. If no dealer near, SPEARFISH ERMAN will give you same-day service by mail. DUCKS regular size: small, medium, med. large and large. $8.95. Giant U.D.T. size: med. large, large, and extra large $12.95. Money-back guarantee. How 10 Select Fins Pure natural rubber is by far the best fin material. Natural rubber has superior tear resistance. It floats - even in fresh water. But say! more important - the zing and resilience of pure natural rubber fins actually STORES THE ENERGY YOU PUT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE STROKE AND GIVES 11 BACK TO YOU WITH A PUSHING, VIBRANT SNAP AT THE END OF THE STROKE. Hence the push - push - chug - chug of a boardy synthetic fin becomes an efficient flow of power. But natural rubber is expensive - averages almost double the cost of synthetic, so some makers use synthetic or "extend" their rubber with fillers. THE WIDE VIEW MASK IS BACK $9.95 ONE CONTINUOUS PIECE OF RUBBER SEAMLESS FULL SUIT No more seams ... No more glue No more patchwork! The revolutionary machine method of moulding, forms the rubber into perfectly shaped and seamless suits. 100% waterproof! 800 % stretchable! Easy to get into! Outlasts 2 ordinary suits! EXTRA LOW 1956 PRICES FULL SUIT $39.95 Small-Medium-Large-Extra Large. (Full length legs with feet, full length arms.) SHORTIE $19. 95 Small, Regular, Large. (Thigh seal short legs, biceps seal short arms.) DOZENS OF BLEMISHED AND SLIGHTLY IMPERFECTS AT EVEN LOWER COSTS NOTE: Insist on the genuine Spearfisherman Suit - if your dealer cannot supply you, order factory direct.
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