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1956 Here is UNSOLICITED PROOF This is what professional divers say about the "Spearfisherman Seamless Suit" - this proof is your guarantee! The revolutionary machine method of moulding, forms the rubber into a perfectly shaped and seamless suit. 1 00 % waterproof! 800 % stretchable! Easy to get into! Outlasts two ordinary suits! Manufactured by the makers of the world famous Spearfisherman Duck Feet (approved and worn by U. S. Navy frogmen) and the wide-view mask. Spearfisherman Seamless Suit NO SEAMS - NO GLUE - NO PATCHWORK FULL SUIT $39.95 SHORTIE $19.95 Small - Medium - Large. Small, Regular for Large. Full length legs with feet, full Thigh seal short legs, biceps length arms seal short arms. Dozens, of Blemished and Slightly Imperfects at Even Lower Costs NOTE: Insist on the genuine Spearfisherman Suit-if your dealer cannot supply you - Order Factory Direct. Send For Free Catalog Spearfisherman 7521 Clay Street Huntington Beach, California J. E CAYFORD President In reply refer to: Division: Repair Salvage Welding Cutting Recovery Research Inspection Demolitions Photography Construction Photomicrography Biological Supply' R. It 8ISHOP. Vice Pres. INTERNATIONAL UNDERSEAS SERVICE BANGOR, MAINE 29 June 1956 TIlE HAVEN, 22 South Park St., Bangor, Maine Research & Testing Re: Testing of Full, Seamless, Rubber Diving Dress (Spearfisherman product) Diver: Title: Div. John E. Cayford Master Scuba Diver, Chief Diver Undersea Operations DAte of Test: 11 June & 24 June Place of Test: Atlantic Ocean; Sand Beach, Ocean Drive, Mt. Desert Island, Me. Type of Water: Salt Temperature: 51 degrees & 49 degrees Type of Scuba: Aqua-Lung & Divair Time Left Surface: (Dive 1) 1:00 pm. (Dive 2) 1:00 pm: 11 June Time Returned: (Dive 1) 2:30 pm. (Dive 2) 3:00 pm: 24 June Depth of Dives: Dive 1 - 30 ft. Dive 2 - 10 ft. Condition of Water: Cold Visibility: 30 to 50 ft. The Spearfisherman Seamless Rubber Frogman Diving Dress was worn on two dives into the Atlantic in some of its coldest waters, and put through various tests to determine its usefulness as cold water diving dress of the dry type style. The suit performed perfectly throughout the number of various positions in which I put it. It did not cut down underwater speed in a 500 yard speed burst, nor did it leak at any of the openings. We have used other front entry suits, but have had trouble with the chute and leakage. Because of its great amount of flexibility, and the exceptional quality of the rubber in the suit, it is one of the best I have had the privilege to use and test. Without doubt, it is the finest front entry suit in its price class, and because of its exceptional qualities, many of the State's new divers are purchasing it. clg.
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