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1959 Beautiful ZAlE PARRY internationally famous holder of women's SCUBA. Diving Record motion picture and T.V. star uses Sportsways WATERlUNG finds it has given her a completely new sense of freedom underwater. Sportsways proudly presents the WATERLUNG PAT. PENDING conceived on principles that have no precedent in design and engineering! A single hose two stage regulator the world's finest, most advanced self-contained. underwater breathing apparatus with depth-compensated automatic air reserve! The WATERLUNG has the scientific design features workmanship materials performance that herald a new era makes the future of SCUBA diving a reality today! Tried, tested and proven by hundreds of the world's foremost SCUBA divers and diving authorities who agree here at last is the ultimate ... long needed long awaited! The Waterlung was created by Sportsways brilliant, world renowned underwater research engineer Samuel Lecocq. Captain Walter B. Miller Director of Range Operations, U.S. Naval Missile Range Center, Point Mugu, California, has now selected the WATERlUNG for his personal use, He has used every type SCUBA made ... in his- many years of diving. He is shown here with the WATERlUNG coming aboard ship after diving operations off the Pacific Coast. SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER OR SKIN DIVING SPECIALIST SHOP OR WRITE SPORTSWAYS FOR FREE DESCRIPTIVE BROCHURE SEE IT and other outstanding Diving Equipment at N.S.G.A. Show, February 1-5, Rooms 874-875, Morrison Hotel, Chicago, III. Manual control regulator clearing button New exhaust keeps bubbles from face 3600 free turning hose cannot twist ALL ACCLAIM THE INCOMPARABLE EASE OF BREATHING, RELIABILITY AND SAFETY, Simplicity AND RUGGEDNESS OF CONSTRUCTION, MINIMUM ENCUMBRANCE TO MOVEMENT AND UNDERWATER OPERATIONS AND EASE OF MAINŠ TENANCE! The WATERLUNG is the only regulator made ... that makes it possible for the Sea-Vue High Pressure Reading Gauge to become an integral part of the first stage itself! SCUBA divers everywhere are thrilled to know that this most necessary safety factor ... has at last become a useful and practical component! The WATERLUNG Demand Regulator is available with or without the Sea-Vue High Pressure Reading Gauge. Sea-Vue High Pressure Gauge can be purchased separately and installed when desired. Cat. No. 300 - WATERLUNG Regulator retail $59.95 Cat. No. 302 - WATERLUNG Regulator with SeaŠVue Pressure Gauge retail $79.95 Cat. No. 301 - WATERLUNG Regulator with Tank and Harness retail $117.50 Cat. No. 303 - WATERLUNG Regulator with SeaŠVue Pressure Gauge, Tank and Harness retail $137.50 Cat. No. 304 - WATERLUNG Regulator Carrying Case retail $8.95 Dealer and Jobber Inquiries SoliCited 1959 WANTED: MANUFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVES Thoroughly acquainted with Diving Equipment. Being a diver advantage. To call on specialists and sporting goods outlets in states Midwest. So. Central, New England, Mid-Atlantic coast. Applications should include personal resume, experience and other lines carried. Outstanding opportunity to represent the World's Most Advanced Line of Underwater Equipment- manufacturers of the fabulous WATERLUNG. Write: SPORTSWAYS, INC. 701 E. Compton Blvd., Paramount, California
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