Skin Diving History


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1953 PRESENTING A NEW IDEA IN RUBBER SUITS! For the first time - protection against cold water at a price everyone can afford. Complete two piece suit, including jumper with hood and long sleeves, and full length pants. Available now in kit form - pre-cut to your size - for quick and easy assembly. Check the following features, 1/32" pure gum rubber specially treated to be salt water and sun resistant. Sample on request. Ample supply of cement and rubber. Carefully designed. FULL PRICE - $20.00 Complete with Instructions Measurements: Head, Chest, Waist, Crotch to floor. Mail Check or Money Order To: "SUIT YOURSELF" P.O. BOX 7155 LONG BEACH 7, CALIFORNIA Shipped Prepaid Only. No. C.O.D. 's Please
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