Skin Diving History


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1954 How to beat the high cost of cold water? with a "SUIT YOURSELF" RUBBER SUIT KIT "SUIT YOURSELF" kits are the original, time tested kits and are preferred by experienced divers every where. Check these exclusive features 105 Full Suit $19.95 (Including Connecting Ring) 105A Jumper Only 10.00 105B Pants only 10.00 Simply designed for freedom of movement and quick, easy assembly. ONLY 10 SEAMS. Anyone can assemble. Extra tough rubber especially treated to be salt water and sun resistant. Kits are complete with precut rubber, cement, patches, seam roller, extra scrap rubber and detailed, simple instructions. 106 "Shorty" $13.95 So. Calif. Distributor (Including Connecting Ring) D. L. DAVIS CO. 106A Jumper only 7.00 510 Manor St. 106B Pants only 7.00 Los Angeles 39, Calif. Elsewhere write for our illustrated brochure
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