Skin Diving History


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1952 VOIT swim fun equipment preferred by youngsters teenagers men women skin divers used by the Frogmen the U.S. Navy underwater demolition team. THE ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL SWIM-FUN LINE AMERICA'S FAVORITE FOR RIVERS, LAKES, POOLS, OCEAN A-I Famous Voit Swim-Fins designed by Owen Churchill- the peer of all- the original - the one and only authentic Swim Fins. Available in shoe sizes 5 ~2 to 14. Bl Jr. and B2 Sr. Voit Swim Mask designed to fit any facial contour without leaking. Fully adjustable head strap. Hard-surfaced, shatterproof, plastic lens. Voit Ear Plugs-designed by Dr. Frank. Soft, safe and comfortable. The best protection against pressure. water or noise. Used everywhere and available in sizes to fit all ears. RS Voit Sportball Largest selling beach balls in history. Multicolored 10", 13" and 16" sizes. A-3 New Voit Adjustable Swim-Fins (R) - to fill the demand for a first class swimming aid that will grow with the youth or for families with more than one child. A3S - adjustable from shoe sizes 6 and smaller. A3L-adjustable from shoe size 6 and larger. B3 Voit Custom Swim-Mask-America's finest Swim Mask. Wide, 6", hard -surfaced, shatterproof plastic, oval lens. The ultimate in unobstructed vision. Wide face fitting /large provides positive, comfortable seal. B4 Voit Custom Swim-Mask same as above with shatterproof, oval, safety glass lens. Cl Voit Swim-Goggles - the only goggles that are adjustable between the lenses. Fully adjustable head band and soft, green rubber frames. Hard-surfaced, shatterproof, plastic lenses. C2 Voit Swim-Goggles-Provide satisfactory protection a t a rock - bottom price. Fully adjustable head band and shatterproof, plastic lenses. FOR MORE FUN AND BETTER SWIMMING BE SURE- ASK FOR VOlT VOIT New York 10, Chicago 10, Los Angeles 11 America's Finest Athletic Equipment
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