Skin Diving History


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1954 For those who demand the finest. Designed for experts, made for you. America's finest swim equipment by Voit New York 11 Danville, Ill. Los Angeles 11 A6 Viking Swim Fins Soft, Pure Gum full foot pocket for protection and comfort. Rigid curved propelling surface for maximum thrust sunproofed to resists cracking or becoming sticky in the sun. in two tone royal blue 10.95. B6 Viking swim masks Roll on edges for perfect fit and comfort wide vision oval lens deluxe stainless steel fittings in deluxe white royal blue 4.95. Viking spear guns powerful New safety features faster firing and easier reloading rust proofed floats after firing choice of 4 models 17.50 to 24.95041955 VOIT Aqua-Eye A safe, inexpensive Underwater Camera Case for the amateur photographer! Now, you can enjoy the thrillS and satisfaction of taking underwater pictures without the use of expensive, complicated or fragile equipment! Voit's Aqua-Eye Camera Case can give you top quality pictures in black & white or color, with a variety of cameras. Simply place the camera you now own in the water-tight plastic case, replace the glass lens, and you're ready to go to work! For the "week-end" photographer - for the diver who wants high quality underwater pictures at low cost - the answer is the Aqua-Eye! America's Finest Swim Equipment By VOIT Another Voit First Voit Aqua-Eye Camera Case, With Instructions, only NEW YORK 11 DANVILLE, ILL. LOS ANGELES 11
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