Skin Diving History


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1956 America's Finest UNDERWATER SUITS year around protection make the diving season las twice as long. Top comfort and maneuverability. Wet or dry models in finest quality closed cell foam neoprene or pure gum rubber. Wide range of styles and sizes full suits, hoods shirts or pants. Four sizes, to fit every physique. Custom made or in kits ready to wear or Do-It-Yourself kits for the economy minded. VDSl1 VDS10 FULL DRY SUIT-FRONT ENTRY Highest quality, two-ply lightweight gum rubber. Effective seal everywhere. Entry chute closes with rubber strap. Exhaust valve at neck releases excess air. Extra strong seams, double reinforced at seam crossings. Hand- ' some two-tone blue. Complete body coverage, including hood, and soft boots which slide easily into Swim-Fins $54.95 snug closing. Short sleeves. Best looking, most practical wet shirt available. Ideal for skin-diving, water skiing or boating .. $29.95 VWS10 FULL WET SUIT (3 piece, including hood) Closed cell foam neoprene, with smooth inner surface for comfort. Solid brass zippers for easy entry, snug fit. Black with green striping. Includes pants, shirt and hood $75.00 VDSll FULL DRY SUIT-WAIST ENTRY Same top protection, materials and color as VDSIO above. Two piece-shirt with hood and pants with boots. Ring and rail assembly included for sealing shirt to pants $54.95 VWS20 WET SHIRT Golden foam neoprene with green striping. Zipper for easy entry, America's Finest Swim Equipment 45 West 18th Street New York 11, N. Y. 211 East Harrison Street Danville, III. 2945 East 12th St. Los Angeles 23, Calif. VOIT Voit
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