Skin Diving History


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1957 See for yourself. VOIT SKIN DIVER Soft, wide face fitting surface and wide head band for extra comfort. Deluxe stainless steel fittings. Oval shape. Deluxe blue 01' amber gum. Safety Glass or plastic lens. Ever make a list of the features you want in a face plate? Voit did ... Voit asked the experts and here's what they preferred and what Voit offers: Perfect fit and seal Genuine comfort Full view oval shape Safety glass lens Top quality rubber Neoprene or gum Easy clearing VOlT CONVERTIBLES Single and double snorkel masks that convert to standard mask in a flash! VOIT VIKING Tapered edges make this the favorite of SCUBA divers. Deluxe stainless steel fittings and oval Safety Glass lens. Light blue. Of course, Voit has a complete line in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Try a Voit mask and see for yourself! America's Finest Swim Equipment By SPECIAL High style at lowest price. VOIT CUSTOM America's most popular Swim Mask Voit special Voit convertibles Voit custom Americas Finest Swim Equipment by VOIT 45 West 18th Street New York 11, New York 211 East Harrison Street Danville, Illinois 2945 East 12th St. Los Angeles 23, California
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