Skin Diving History


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1958 WHAT NEW? UTILITY BOAT Perfect for the diver and barrels of safe fun for the entire family. It's light, tough-easy to store and to use. Double gauge laminated blue vinyl with "Tube-In-Tube" safety design. 8' x 4112'. 15" deep. Complete with Life-Line, Sea Anchor and Inflato-Bag. Specially designed to accommodate Voit Air Mat to give added buoyancy and rigidity. Diagram furnished for building and installing seat. TRIDENT GUN Your best bet in dense sea growth, rocks or coral. Triple-barbed. 20" barrel. EXPLORER REGULATOR- Built-in reserve. Combines with standard valve and single tank to give you safe, superb scuba for less than $100. BASIC DIVING GEAR Built for the expert in a wide range of prices, sizes and designs. Better see your Voit dealer. He has some terrific new items guaranteed to interest you and every other expert diver. Then, too, he carries the traditional favorites that have made Voit the leading name in swim equipment. There's much more to tell, so be sure to see your Voit dealer and find out what's new! Americas Finest Swim Equipment by VOIT 45 West 18th Street New York 11, New York 211 East Harrison Street Danville, Illinois 2945 East 12th St. Los Angeles 23, California
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