Skin Diving History


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1959 Voit leads the way again with the finest selection of top quality swim equipment for the expert. Here's just a sample from more than 100 products-ample reason why Voit swim equipment is truly America's finest. A6 VOlT VIKING SWIM-FINS They float! Finest skin diving fin for the expert. Extra length curved stiff propelling surface. Raised ribs for water-channeling action. Soft, comfortable foot-pocket. Custom fit by shoe size. Two-tone royal blue $10.95 B6B-S VOlT VIKING SWIM MASK New! Softer Rubber for Comfort and Better Seal. Tapered edges make this mask best for use with suits or lungs. Oval, safety glass lens. Deluxe stainless steel fittings. Deluxe light blue $4.95 B4BS VOlT SKIN DIVER SWIM MASK Soft, wide face-fitting surface and extra-wide headband. Most comfortable mask available. Oval shape. Deluxe stainless steel fittings. Blue with safety glass lens .... $4.95 F4 VOlT SKIN DIVER SNORKEL Easy breathing, proven design. Light, durable plastic. Flexible tube yields to underwater obstacles. Strap adapter. Blue and grey $1.95 Americas Finest Swim Equipment by VOIT 45 West 18th Street New York 11, New York 211 East Harrison Street Danville, Illinois 2945 East 12th St. Los Angeles 23, California
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