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Del Wren - The golden years

Del posses with military sword taken during close quarter combat, from a Japanese officer on Saipan, during World War II.

Del at home with wife.

January 22, 2000
At The Fathers Of Freediving, 2000 Millennium, party, some of which was held at the San Juan Capistrano, California Community Center and some at the home a gracious er, Robin Cardin, also in San Juan Capistrano, California.
From left to right, "Big" John Carroll, Skin Diver Magazine co-founder Chuck Blakeslee and renowned Florida spearfisherman Art Pinder.

From Delů
This is a 1972, 500cc Triumph I made for the sand dunes. That's Tecate Mexico in the background.
I started racing moto cross on my 1968 Greevs when I was 43 years old. Never won!
Gary Baily, Steve McQueen and Thorshan Hallman were the top racers. I was in a desert race where 500 motorcycles went off together. I came in 39th, He-he, great fun! I had to give up racing when I was 63 because I went blind in my left eye. I couldn't see the holes!!!
Now I'm into ATV - 4 wheelers. I have a couple of 1999 450 Formans ES. We head for the dunes every chance we get.
Being 75 I still have to slow down and let them catch up!!!

Left to Right"
Mel, Bob, John, Del, Chris, George

Mr. and Mrs. John Earnst and Rosaia.

Left to Right:
John, Del, Mass.

Dell and Laura Lee Meistrell / Sturgil.

Left to Righ;
Terry Lentz and John Earnst.


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