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Del Wren - Del on two world teams

I remember in the 1959 or the 1960 tryouts for the team to go to the world championships were held at Ship Rock, off Catalina Island. There were a number of divers from all over the U.S.A. Jim Christianson our coach, threw a line over the side with clothes pins attached, green at 60ft., red at 80ft., and black at 90ft. The bottom was about 120ft. We had a group that could dive 60ft., all day so everybody got the green. The first diver to try to get the red was Terry Lentz, no problem! I asked Jim if I could go next, he said ok!

When I got to the eighty-foot mark I grabbed the line and pushed all the pins on down the line to 95 plus. Well! The next diver I knew was a good 60ft. diver so I asked Jim if I should stay in the water for safety, he said, "good idea". So, over goes this good 60ft. diver and I start counting. When I reasoned he made it to the pins and started back up I dove down to meet him. At 35 to 40 ft., here he came, fins going like hell, both eyes bigger than his mask, arms pawing at the water, then, out he went.

I got him under the arms and swam him to the surface. He was shaking, still holding his breath so I pulled his mask off and gave him a solid right to the mid-section. He started to breath and Jim said to the rest of the tryouts, "You see how tough this is, anyone not wanting to continue go over to the other boat". SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH!

I made the team!!! (He He)


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